Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Working with Argentium Sterling Silver

If you are up to date on your jewellery raw material you have probably heard Argentium Silver being mentioned lately. Well, here is a blog, talking only about this great new material. If you haven't tried it yet (like me!), I'm sure you will soon. In the meantime, learn more about it here. If you've never heard about Argentium Silver, take the time to read more on this blog.
Working with Argentium Sterling Silver: "Argentium Sterling is simply a modern adjustment to the traditional sterling formula. It is still 92.5% pure silver --it has to be in order to be called 'sterling'-- but it replaces some of the traditional 7.5% copper with a rare metallic element called Germanium."


  1. Hi Petra, thanks for mentioning my blog and I'm happy to hear that you've found it informative. If you've got any questions about Argentium Sterling please don't hesitate to ask.

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