Friday, 1 July 2005

Market, lies and websites.

Interesting discussion about jewellery and contemporary artists. Click to read the full article.
ALTERNATIVES contemporary jewellery - Unlimited
: "So, what exactly is the value of jewellery today? Does it represent what it represented in the past? Probably not. Industry and fashion have changed the approach to jewellery by removing its symbolic and ancestral value. In a society where much importance is given to superficiality, jewellery has been deprived of any cultural value thus limiting its understanding and consequently its distribution. In an interesting article published here in the Klimt site, Ramon Puig Cuyas evidences the fact that jewellery is unable to be the sole protagonist of our time, in the sense that today jewellery has to share its symbolic role with items that have become very powerful status symbols, like cars, mobile phones, internet and have in a way replaced what jewellery used to stand for. We can do without jewellery today, but we cannot go without being connected to a computer.

Thus, what is the sense of jewellery in a society that has stepped into a new century with a creed for money and technology?"

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