Friday, 2 March 2007

Level 2 Certification

I'm teaching a Level 2 certification course this weekend.

Yesterday, the UK curriculum was changed by Aida. The Combination Ring (Ring with gold cabochon) has been removed from the projects. With the recent price increase it simply raised the price of the course too much, and some of us felt it was impossible to keep it as a project, and well, Aida agreed!

It is up to each teacher to decide what to do instead - they can just remove it and leave it to that. I'll probably introduce a Lentil Bead with Art Clay Gold Paste as a new project, and spend some time going through other interesting things we never have time for otherwise.

Time to check on the glass cabochons in the kiln, fusing away for tomorrow's teaching. Bye!

The show

Well, that was a buzz! We had a good show, managed to sell out of starter kits, torches and beginner's books.

On the last day I managed to burn my finger pretty bad on a torch fired piece. Never try to quench hot jewellery in an empty glass - it doesn't work. Had to pack up the stand and drive home with my finger in a glass of ice. Not sure how I managed!