Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Hello from Japan, the birth country of Art Clay!

I'm visiting Aida, the manufacturers of Art Clay for a fantastic advanced course, where I get to learn some new techniques. I'm having so much fun, spending 5 full days in the studio - heaven.
I'm learning from some amazing teachers, and we're working in a studio surrounded by a creative team who spends all day long just designing and creating Art Clay pieces. It is amazing seeing some of the things they make - their techniques and control of the metal clay is immaculate. The picture here shows one of them, making sweet little hair clips from the Art Clay moulds.
And I've never seen such a clean office or factory, you could eat off the floor.
I've also got a chance to sample the Japanese shopping (should have brought another bag...) and of course, food. I love Art Clay, travelling, shopping, and Japanese food, so to say I'm over the moon happy would be an understatement.

So far we've gone through techniques like Raden, old Japanese inlay technique, UV Resin, Kumihimo weaving of fine silver wire, Paper Type brooch making, advanced stone setting, and Art Clay stencils.
Here is a picture of a project we're working on right now, a gorgeous ring decorated with stencils and paste. The next couple of days we'll look at glass, setting silver foil with enamels and more. I'll keep you informed!