Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Level 2 Course

So, yesterday we completed the four day Level 2 Course.

It was a really nice group of students, they all worked really hard and we had lots of fun. All of them have been running classes for a while so we all shared ideas and tips with each other. I love it when I learn new things from my students!

Apart from the L2 Projects we also made a lentil bead which we decorated with Art Clay Gold paste and Accent Gold for Silver - yummy.
Here are a few brooches straight out of the kiln. All of them have synthetic stones set into them, set in the dry clay by drilling holes, and mounting the stone, before firing.

And today I received some nice new wooden hammers, which will go up on the website tomorrow. They're really dinky and cute. (Can a hammer be cute?)

Nite nite!

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