Thursday, 21 June 2007

Computer woes.

What is it with computers and time?
Every time I go near the computer, a whole day seems to rush past. I sat down this morning with the intention of updating my accounts, and so far... well, so far I've not even entered one figure. Instead I've responded to a huge backlog of emails, re-written some old metal clay instructions, taken some new photos of casting grains and fine silver tube bails,  edited the photos, added said items to the website, had a quick look at my favourite forums, and, well almost anything apart from touching my accounts.
Sigh. And now it is time to cook dinner.
Tomorrow I'm running another Level 2 certification. It'll be the first Level 2 certification class I run using the new project designs from Aida. There were some projects I wasn't  to keen on before, and finally we have got a book with new designs  for all of the projects - some of them really wearable! I'm looking forward to seeing how the students get on with them. I'll be posting some photos later.
Take care!

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