Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Inspiring Courses

I've just had two weekends of courses in a row. Tiring, but a lot of fun!
The courses are so inspiring - it is lovely to fill a room with creative people, put a new material in their hand, give them the basic techniques, and then let them go ahead and create. The pieces some students produce in the short time of a day course are impressive. And it is fascinating to see how people's designs are so different. When they start playing with textures, adding stones, adding syringe work - considering they don't get much time to really sit and plan their design, the results are stunning. And that is in ONE day, with people who have never worked with Art Clay before.
The students all have different backgrounds, some are completely new to crafts and arts, others have backgrounds as sculptors, painters, card makers, silversmiths and metal artists. I've had so many fascinating people as students; teachers, web designers, accountants, jewellery artists, mums, glass makers, polymer clay artists - most of them will go back home and take inspiration from their backgrounds and daily life, and will bring this into their metal clay creations. When they decide to stay in touch, it is so exciting to follow their progress. They come back with questions that pushes me to explore, test and push my work in silver clay further. I probably learn just as much as my students.
Unfortunately, despite putting the camera on the table, I forgot to take pictures on both weekends, yet again. Aarrgh.
Petra Wennberg
Art Clay Senior Instructor
SilverClay - a subsidiary of Petra Lyon Ltd

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