Friday, 21 November 2008

Celie Fago on Etsy

Ooooohh - fantastic news! Look at what I came just across - Celie's jewellery, finally for sale online... This is just a small collection, but I'm guessing it will be added to.

Celie is definitely one of my favourite metal clay artists, and I'm already the very proud owner of a couple of her pieces. She is the most generous teacher, kind and warm soul, and as you can all see, the most fantastic jewellery designer and maker. Her pieces really talk to me, unfortunately they all say "Take me home!".

Now I don't have to wait until I next meet her at a show or in a class, I can just go online - oh dear, this could be bad news....

1 comment:

  1. Petra! How good to hear from you!
    Yes, it was time to get Celie's work online.

    I'm so glad you like the key necklace. It's a common theme, I'm sure yours will be fabulous! I've been making "key chains" with old skeleton keys but I felt weird about not having made the central piece. The bronze light bulb went off, so now I have some 'higher end' versions where I do make the key and carve it (because, why not). I hope you find your hiding keys!

    Best to you babe!